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Bringing forward a collection of diamonds with a fabulous and aesthetic appeal for a broad market while ensuring exceptional results is a challenge for any organization. Amorous Diamonds provides a systematic approach to making it true: we make sure every customer receives our exceptional diamonds at the best possible price and on time!

When buying a diamond, Amorous Diamonds is the right choice—the trusted choice—we are more than a shop, we are your life and business partner.

The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with Amorous Diamonds for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only companies like ours can provide.


Buy certified diamonds directly from the manufacturer
and save 40% on retail prices

Browse through our selection of loose diamonds and choose from wide selection of shapes. Narrow down your search by clarity, color, cut, and carat. Buy a loose diamond that matches your desired specifications and quality characteristics.


Design your own ring to reflect the true unique love
that never can be replicated.

There is no other love similar to yours, so manifest it through the creation of the jewellery of your own design, let everyone see it shining. Create the ring setting and add the perfect diamonds set – be the designer of your future from now on.

How To Design Your Own Diamond Ring?

Create a timeless design to keep the memories forever in the most beautiful and durable precious stones of all times. Need inspiration and advice? Contact our team of experts.

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From a simple diamond to most exclusive luxury stone: browse through our collection of loose diamonds and discover the ideal gem to complement your jewellery. Choose from a selection of ten shapes and narrow down your search by factors such as clarity, cut, and carat.

Expert Advice

For many, buying a diamond or an engagement ring is a one-time life experience. To be sure in your choice, you may need a professional advice. Our team of professional experts have collectively spent several decades in the diamonds industry. We are available to provide you with free and unbiased advice. Feel free to reach out and talk to our team.

Our professional staff at Amorous Diamonds DMCC is dedicated to help customers to get the most value on every diamond purchase. We are skilled in diamonds trade for more than two decades. Amorous Diamonds

Upgrade Your accessories

Wishing to give your precious accessories a makeover? If you are considering to upgrade your centre stone, setting, add smaller gemstones or replace a diamond,  we are here to help! Our store has thousands of diamonds to choose from and our professionals can assist you with the design.

Be Inspired

Our talented designers at Amorous Diamonds DMCC will help to create timeless designs. Let us create a masterpiece representing your love.

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Upgrade Your special wristwatch
or restore a much loved
heirloom with diamonds.
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